ATM & Debit Cards

ATM & Debit Card

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ATM/Debit Card Safety

Store your card in a safe place. Treat your card like physical money and make sure it is secure. It is the\ gateway to your account!

Keep your PIN a secret. Your PIN is the key to your account. Debit card purchases and ATM transactions require your PIN. Never write your PIN on your card or store a written version with your card. The only person that should enter your PIN is YOU.

Never give your PIN over the phone. There will never be a time when a company, individual or bank will need to know your PIN. While you may use your card over the phone or internet NEVER give your PIN number.

Never give card info based on an unsolicited request or e-mail. Phishing schemes try to lure you into giving out your card information. You are in control and should never give your card number, PIN or other non-public personal info to anyone using unsolicited communication techniques of any kind.

Make sure your Internet shopping sites are secure. When doing your online shopping, look for secure transaction symbols to make sure your account information is protected. After you make a purchase, log off the site or close down your browser to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

Protect the magnetic strip on your card. Magnetic objects or abrasive objects can damage or destroy the magnetic strip on your card. Avoid exposure to any such items.

Report a lost or stolen card immediately. If your card disappears make sure to immediately contact your financial institution. This prevents the card from being successfully used in an improper manner. It also limits your potential liability for unauthorized use.

Review your account statements regularly. Make sure to review your account statements often to look for any potential errors. If you spot a problem or concern, immediately contact your financial institution to protect yourself and assets. Remember, this can limit your potential liability for unauthorized use.

ATM Usage Safety

Pay attention to the ATM surroundings. If you spot anyone or anything that is suspicious, leave the area immediately. If you drive to the ATM location, park as close as possible to the ATM and observe the whole location before you leave your vehicle.

Do not use ATMs that lack clear visibility. Never use an ATM that is obstructed from view or is not properly lit. Contact the financial institution about any issues if possible.

Take another person with you for ATM use. When possible, take a person with you to visit an ATM to discourage any potential threats from others. This is very important at night.

Minimize your time at the ATM. Have your card out and ready to use immediately. Do not allow others to assist you with problems. Upon completion of your transaction, put your items away and leave the area. DO NOT count your money at the ATM and if you see any suspicious activity leave immediately to a safe area and call police.

Block the view of others at the ATM. Shield the terminal from others nearby with your body and cover the keypad as needed when entering all information.

Look for improper devices attached to the ATM. If the ATM appears to have any alterations to the card slot or keypad do not use the ATM. Report issues to the financial institution if possible.

Drive-Up ATM Safety

Use caution at drive-up ATMs. Keep your doors locked, engine running, and windows up while waiting. Do not lower your window until you are sure the area is safe. Be ready to make your transaction and once completed roll up your window immediately. Leave as little space as safely possible between your vehicle and the machine.

Leave space between vehicles in line. Make sure you are able to leave the area immediately in the event of an emergency or suspicious situation.

Do not be afraid to cancel a transaction. If at any point during the transaction you have a problem or notice any suspicious people or items, do not hesitate to cancel the transaction and leave immediately.

Minimize your time at the ATM. Do not spend extended time at the ATM. Once your transaction is complete, leave the area and go to a safe zone to check for issues with your transaction.

Watch for suspicious activity AFTER your transaction. If you are being followed after you make your ATM transaction then go to a crowded, well-lit area and contact the police immediately. Make sure to safely notice any details that may help describe the person(s) or vehicle.