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Personal or Business, Freedom Bank is here to help our local communities keep growing by lending in the area where our customers live and work. We understand the struggles of financial times and want to be there to help.  Check out the loan products we offer below.


Personal Lending

From purchasing a much-needed washer and dryer to replacing that worn out vehicle or getting into the home of your dreams, let us help make all your wishes come true.

Auto/Title Secured Loans

Motorcycles, Campers, ATV & Jet Ski
Motor Homes
Mobile Home Purchase

New Auto/Previous Year (less than 10,000 miles) -


36 Months - 75 Months
36 Months - 75 Months 2022 66 Months


2021 60 Months


2020 54 Months


2018-2019 48 Months


2013-2017 36 Months
New Recreational: Motorcycles, Campers, ATV & Jet Ski


60 Months
Used Recreational: Motorcycles, Campers, ATV & Jet Ski 2022 and older 36 Months
New Boat


60 -120 Months
Used Boat 2022 and older 60 - 84 Months
Motor Homes: New


10 Years
Motor Homes: Used 2022 and older 10 Years
New Mobile Home Purchase (No Deed of Trust) Purchase Mobile Home


10 Years
Used Mobile Home Purchase (No Deed of Trust) Purchase Mobile Home


10 Years
Mortgage Loans

Freedom Bank is pleased to offer a variety of loan options both in-house and on the secondary market, to meet the needs of our customers.  Contact a Loan Officer at any of our branches to discuss your options and decide what product best suites your needs.

Adjustable Rates-Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) give home buyers lower rates initially and are adjusted on a predetermined schedule. Depending on your plans for the length of time you will live in the house, this may be a good option for you.

Fixed Rates-Conventional Fixed-Rate Mortgages offer home buyers a consistent interest rate and predictable payments over the life of the loan. This will help you to budget your housing cost into your monthly expenses. Freedom Bank offers fixed rate mortgages in terms from 10 to 30 years.

Government Loans

    • Veterans Administration (VA) loans for Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard and Retired Veterans to purchase their dream home with no down payment.
    • USDA/Rural Development Home Loan options are great for first time home buyers who do not have a surplus of funds available for a down payment and closing costs.
    • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, which offer lower down payments to qualified buyers.

First Time Home Buyer-Freedom Bank offers several options to first time home buyers.  We offer an in-house First Time Home Buyer product with a lower down payment or an option with West Virginia Housing Development Fund Loans for first time home buyers, which help low to moderate income borrowers realize the dream of home ownership.

Home Equity Loan-Tapping into the equity in your home can offer you the ability to finance home renovations, consolidate debt, purchase an automobile, or maybe finance that well-deserved vacation.

Home Equity Lines of Credit-Looking for a more flexible way to utilize the equity in your home? Become your own lender when you open a Freedom Bank Home Equity Line of Credit.  Simply write a check from your line of credit account for whatever purchases you may need at the time.

Want to be pre-qualified before you start your next venture?

Do you need help figuring out how much you can afford or what you want to spend? Freedom Bank can guide you through this process and get you quickly pre-qualified at no charge to you. Our experienced mortgage originators are ready to show you financing options using our competitive loan rates and fees. Your mortgage originator will help answer questions concerning your loan and navigate the process from application to closing with you.

Personal Loans

Farm Equipment
Savings/CD Secured

Unsecured Loans: $1,000 - $2,500 12 - 36 Months
New Farm Equipment 60 Months
Used Farm Equipment - Purchase or Used As Collateral 36 Months
Freedom Bank Savings/CD Secure Loans 60 Months

Business Lending

  • Looking for some assistance in opening a business, or do you need working capital to assist in expanding your current business? We offer financing for an array of commercial endeavors, including:
    • Commercial Real Estate Loans
    • Equipment/Vehicle Loans
    • Business Lines of Credit
    • Start-up Business Loans
    • Working Capital Loans
    • Letters of Credit
    • Construction Loans
    • SBA Loans
  • Contact one of our local branches and speak to a lender who can help your business grow with answers to some of your business borrowing needs.